Sunday, April 12, 2009

100th beer review!!

Left4beer 100th Beer Review

Welcome, tonight we plan to review the four cheapest beers in the BC Liquor Store. Hopefully this will reset our palates to a lower level. With some luck, this self-inflected wound will allow us to appreciate beer more.

Flavius: Welcome to the 100th beer review session.
Meterman: Can we get this over quickly, I want the Ola Dubh.
F: Certainly, let me create some ambiance and pour our first beer.
M: Playing the zombie flick "Terror Planet" does not create a relaxing atmosphere.
F: Here is our first beer, a truly Canadian classic Molson Old Style Pilsner.
M: . I used to work in a dog wash; this beer smells and tastes like a splashing from a St. Bernard.
F: I can detect a light nose of corn, grass and malt.
M: Actually your cat just crapped in the litterbox; once the air clears check that beer's nose again.
Old Style Pilsner Review

F: Next is Lucky Force 8, a Vancouver Island favourite.
M: I have actually been looking forward to trying this beer.
F: BTW the 8 indicates the alcohol content of 8%.
M: Do we have to finish all 4 cans?
F: No, I will save the other cans in case a hobo comes over.
M: Do I have to finish this can?
Lucky Force 8 Review

F: Now for something imported
M: Ola Dubh?
F: Nope Holsten Premier
M: This one is actually not that bad.
F: Finally one you like.
M: I wouldn't go that far; it is better than the other swill you've been serving.
F: At a price of under $2 for 500ml, you can't go wrong.
M: I wouldn't make that claim either.
Holsten Premier Review

F: Our final selection..
M: Merciful heavens
F: Pacific Pilsner
M: This is only getting worse. These are the same people that make Dude beer and TNT.
F: Please try and keep and open mind.
M: If you make me drink any more crappy beer, I will punch you in the groin!
Pacific Pilsner Review

F: That concludes the beer selection for this evening. Did you want the Ola Dubh now?
M: Groan.. I don't feel so good; I'm suffering from the cheap beer bloat. Perhaps I should head home.
F: Well thanks for coming. L8R. I'm so happy when my plans work well; my Ola Dubh is safe for another day.

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