Saturday, April 25, 2009

Mort Subite Gueuze

Mort Subite Gueuze

Ratebeer 3.2 62nd percentile
Beer Advocate B

This is one of the oldest styles of beer. The way these beers are created has not changed much. Malted barley, unmalted wheat and dry hops are used. Dry hops tend to not add the classic hoppy bitterness to this style of beer. After these ingredients have brewed, they are left to cool in the open air. Often in large, shallow basins called coolships. This allows faster cooling and maximum exposure to naturally occuring yeasts and bacteria in the air. Often breweries are never cleaned, so as to not disturb the resident yeasts. After cooling these brews may mature in wooden casks for up to 6 years. The 'Gueuze' style of lambic is a blend of new and old lambics. This process produces a pint that is very light and crisp in flavour. The lightness in flavour allows them to be suitable for blending with fruit juices; raspberry is a popular choice.

Taste +4

This brew pours a light copper with a huge fluffy head that will not go away. The nose is very sweet and yeasty with whiffs of cherries and apricots. The taste is very smooth and sweet, maybe a little tartness. You can pick out cherries, honey and raspberries. Carbonation was pretty high, it gave a sparkling apple cider/champagne feel. Despite the hollow mouth feel it was very refreshing.

Aftertaste 0

There was nothing really, it finished dry and clean. Maybe a bit of light fruits.

Alcohol Content -1 4.5%

Value +1

I really enjoyed this light, refreshing beer. A 375ml corked bottle will set you back $4.50 at the BCLS.

Ingame Enhancement +1

We had a great old school CSS night; all the old regulars from the shire showed up. It is great when things turn around. The last time I played (two years ago), these guys pwned me all over the place. This time it was me who did the pwning!

Overall 5/10

This would be a great beer to give someone if they only liked sparkling or white wine. I look forward to the summer and having one of these in my hammock.

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