Sunday, April 12, 2009

Molson Old Style Pilsner (100th review)

Molson Old Style Pilsner

Ratebeer 1.98 6th percentile
Beer Advocate C-

Taste +1

The nose was non-existent. If I had to make one up, I would say there was slight aromatic hops and ice. Like all the other beers in this review, you get the standard corn and malt sweetness, followed by an uneventful hop and carbonation bite. Not really a bite, more like a gumming from kittens. Overall not bitter and not sweet; actually not anything at all.

Aftertaste 0

It just vanished.

Alcohol Content 0 5%

Nothing to see here; move along.

Value 0

It was cheap, $10 for a six pack. I would prefer to drink tap water instead.

Ingame Enhancement 0

I have this great habit of drinking one glass of water after each beer. This is my hangover cure; keep hydrated. Sadly, I put my water glass down next to my beer glass.....
Overall 1/10

I think Francis said it best, "I hate white rabbits".
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best beer ever dont hate the pilly pop