Thursday, April 23, 2009

Trois Pistoles and Dangerous Web Ideas

Flavius: We need to get more readers, maybe a tv reality show.
Meterman: Perhaps try quality content worth reading.
F: NO I have it! "What not to drink!" our twist on the make over fashion show "What not to wear."
M: This might work as well as your porn keywords idea.
F: This will be better. We can talk to people in pubs and insult the beer they are drinking. Then we can give them tips on better beers to drink.
M: This could be very dangerous.
F: How so?
M: What if you do this in a biker bar and the person really likes Budweiser!

Trois Pistoles (Unibroue)

Ratebeer 3.97 99th percentile
Beer Advocate A-

This complex, strong beer used to be a Clan ARC favourite. While this honour has been bestowed upon Palo Santo Marron, we often do not have $22 to throw down on a 4-pack of beer.

Taste +3

Well now; there is no missing the pungent aroma of dark fruit, coolness, menthol, yeast and alcohol. Right from the start you know this will be a complex beer. Straight off you are assaulted with a thick malt sweetness, full of dark fruits and apricots. This is very well enhanced with an alcohol tingle, carbonation effervescence and yeasty crispness. One might pick up flavours reminiscent of sour-dough bread.

Aftertaste +2

You just can't seem to rid your mouth of the lingering yeasty fruitcake flavours. It is very similar to eating fruitcake when your Grandma added too much rum.

Alcohol Content 9% +1


Value +1

This is a very interesting beer. Well worth the $6 you pay for a 750ml bottle. I plan to keep one in my fridge from time to time.

Ingame Enhancement +1

No L4d tonight, but I can vouch for the fact that this beer lead to some great CSS nights in the past.


What more do you want in a beer? Big flavours, lots of alcohol, big fancy bottle and reasonable price. After one of these brews in you, the concerns about your friendly fire will cease to bother you.

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