Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Palo Santo Marron (Dogfish Head) and blog integrity

Flavius: Normally at left4beer we are committed to giving our readers the highest standards of impartial reviews on alcoholic beverages.
Meterman: Right, you are about as impartial as Judge Judy. You also used the word 'Normally', which means that your high standards might dip a little.
F: That's right. We had to tell you, our readers...
M: All seven of them.
F: Shut it. We must tell you about this incredible beer.
M: That is the only reason why I am still here. You won't tell me where you bought it.
Palo Santo Marron by Dogfish Head

Rate beer 3.88 98th Percentile
Beer Advocate A-

This beer is officially classified as a strong American Ale. The claim to fame for this beer is that it was aged on Palo Santo wood from Paraguay. I now have this desire to visit Paraguay and lick a Palo Santo tree.
Taste +5

Wow, this beer has some viscosity when it pours, not unlike a strong imperial stout. It pours as black as my parole officers heart. The nose is very complex; you can pick up vanilla, molasses and cherries. Every drink reveals a new flavour; burnt coffee (the good kind), bitter chocolate, cherries and exotic woods.
Aftertaste +2

This beer sticks around for a while and leaves a residue of wood smoke, caramel and dark fruits. It is all packaged with a pleasant alcohol warmth. There is little carbonation in this brew.
Alcohol Content +1 12%

Whoa partner! We kept sipping this one until it was gone in about 2 minutes. You cannot smell nor taste the alcohol in your glass. Be very careful
Value +1

This beer was not cheap; it cost about $21 for a 4 pack. When one spends this much on a beer, one expects something special. This is the second 4 pack I have purchased and no doubt there will be more.
Ingame Enhancement +1

No game tonight; we just stood at my bar and stared at the fish. All the while enveloped in gastronomic bliss.
This is perhaps one of the most impressive beers I have ever tasted. Only 4 other beers have gotten a perfect 10 at left4beer; Aventinus, Obsidian stout, Hermannator and Okocim Polish Porter.


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