Saturday, March 14, 2009

Rogue Santas Private Reserve and Prepare Yourself

Flavius: No time for small talk, we need to get reviews done. We are backlogged and need to prepare for the 100th beer review.
Meterman: Great the less you talk the better. Anything planned for the 100th review?
F: We need to shatter the palate! Whenever you can detect the flavours of grapefruit peel and vanilla, something needs to be done.
M: Well it is not like you are Michael Jackson or anything. It would be nice to do a hard reset on the taste buds.
F: Stay tuned, I have a plan. What does the King of Pop have to do with it?
M: No the other Michael Jackson you idiot; the great "Beer Hunter".

Rogue Santas Private Reserve

Ratebeer 3.51 85th percentile
Beer Advocate B+
Taste +3
IBU 44

This red amber ale had the look and nose of a pale ale, just with more hops. The first drink did not give the full mouth feel you might have expected from a hoppy Rogue Ale. As predicted, the taste was a pleasant hop bitterness, quite sharp. There was not a lot of malt sweetness to balance out the bitter. Don't get me wrong, it is a tasty beer. I just expect more from a Rogue. You could also pick up hints of citrus and pine.
Aftertaste +1

The malt/caramel sweetness vanished quickly to leave a residual hop bitterness. This slowly faded away to leave a clean palate.
Alcohol Content 0 6%

Just under the mark for a positive score.
Value -1

Ouch, Meterman got rocked with a $8 bill for this 650ml bottle. It was a cool bottle with the glow in the dark snowflakes. We expected more from a higher priced special edition beer.
Ingame Enhancement 0

I can't remember what I did this night; this certainly wasn't caused by a 6% beer. Maybe I was abducted my aliens. If I was; we all probably played L4D.
Overall 3/10 meh

This was good beer, but nothing outstanding. Perhaps I expected too much from this Rogue, everything else they make is outstanding.

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