Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Bitburger Pils and Palm Springs

Flavius: Palm Springs was just like a L4D map!
Meterman: Ok, try and explain. How is an overpriced desert oasis, with gated golf communities full of rich old people, just like a violent, zombie video game.
F: It was the best map ever! Every car had an alarm and there were guns and ammo everywhere!
M: Those skinny, brown zombies that grunted and flailed their arms were actually senior citizens with a tan. Also, some of those cars you were jumping on were golf carts.
F: But some of the golf carts did have alarms! That also means that I was shoving those zombies away with a 9 iron.

Bitburger Pilsener

Ratebeer 2.9 35th percentile
Beer Advocate B-

Taste +4

I know that I have been critical of cheap, exported pilseners in the past. This beer is just the same but it actually tastes good. At first the nose is very light and quite floral with grass and grains. The flavours are very mild which makes this a very drinkable beer. A pleasant malt and grain sweetness is just under balanced with light hops. All of this with little carbonation.

Aftertaste +1

The finish is very clean and dry. There was little hoppy bitterness worth mentioning.

Alcohol Content -1 4.8%

Value +1

This beer is cheap; about $2 for a 500ml can. A very nice flavour for what you pay.

Ingame Enhancement 0

No game tonight, watched Johnny English instead. If Rowan Atkinson was a zombie, would he still be funny?

Overall 5/10

This is a summer patio beer; on par with Corona for ease of drinking. I put his beer on par with Blue and Canadian, only less carbonation and less of a bitter aftertaste.

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