Thursday, March 26, 2009

Chambly Noir (Unibroue) and video game help

Flavius: I have finally found a situation where playing video games has helped me in real life.
Meterman: You recently got back from LA; please do not tell me the game has GTA4 or Saints Row.
F: Luckily no, it was GRID and Gran Turismo.
M: Navigating the LA freeway?
F: Nope; kicking ass on the go-kart track.

Chambly Noir (Unibroue)

Rate beer 3.33 72 percentile
Beer Advocate B

Taste +3

The nose is pleasantly light with caramel, toffee and plums. At first sip the heavy carbonation floods the mouth are carries a citrus and molasses wash with it. The usual Unibroue yeastiness is there, but it added an unusually smoothness. Mixed in with all this is a sour fruit (lemon) tang.

Aftertaste +1

Once the sourness and yeast flavours fade with the bubbles; you are left with a delightful malt and molasses sweetness.
Alcohol Content +1 6.2%

The alcohol taste is apparent, but it enhances the sour flavours very well.

Value +1

Meterman was impressed with this one and would get it again. I believe the standard 750ml corked bottles go for around $6.
Ingame Enhancement 0

Meh, no zombies tonight. The scary part is that in real life, I often find myself bumping my hip against expensive cars. I think it a habit; set off the alarm and the zombie fun is soon to come.

Overall 6/10

Meterman was particularly taken with this darker Unibroue style. It focused more on the dark fruits and less on the light breads and yeastiness. Not as good as some of the other Unibroue flavours we have reviewed.

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