Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Molson Canadian Cold Shots

Molson Canadian Cold Shots

Rate beer 1.52 2nd percentile
Beer Advocate D+

This is a sad day for Canadian brewing; beer in a Red Bull can.

Taste +1

Technically it is beer. When it is ice cold there is almost no flavour; this is a good thing. As it warms up you get the nose of honey, grass and cardboard. This one reminds me of a sweeter version of regular Canadian. A light lager with added corn syrup. Heavy on the carbonation.

Aftertaste 0

Very quick and clean finish, thank God.

Alcohol Content 0 6%

Value 0

I picked this up singly for $1.80 for 250ml. Available by itself at slummier CBAW stores.

Ingame Enhancement 0

I actually can't remember drinking it; it was gone so quick.

Overall 1/10 BLECK

This beer is a novelty and good for one thing only; sneaking into venues and getting teenagers drunk fast. I might hide a few around my house and yard in case of such an emergency.

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Anonymous said...

last few days our class held a similar talk about this topic and you show something we have not covered yet, appreciate that.

- Kris