Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Unibroue Quatre-Centieme and Professional help

Flavius: I decided to seek professional help to improve my video gaming.
Meterman: Wow. What did you do, get online coaching from a pro?
F: Nope, I went for body modification.
M: Oh crap! Did you have cheat codes tattooed on your forearms?
F: Nope. I had a manicure. With long nails I was always poking myself in the eye when I drank my beer too quickly.

Unibroue 4 Centuries

Ratebeer 3.57 88th percentile
Beer Advocate B+

Taste +3

The nose is typical Unibroue; yeasty, spicy (pepper and coriander), vanilla and alcohol. As with all Unibroue pints, the flavours are mildly complex. You can pick out cloves, allspice with just a little orange and citrus fruits. All of these rest on a carbonated, yeasty, light malt wash.

Aftertaste +1

Very clean finish, with a full mouth tingle mixed with bitter sweet citrus fruits.

Alcohol Content +1 7.5%

No surprises here; all Unibroue beer are above 7%. It is hard to taste the alcohol in this one, other than the obvious tingle.

Value +1

It cost about $7 for a 750ml bottle; essentially this is 3 regular beers in one bottle. I would get it again.

Ingame Enhancement 0

No L4D tonight. Hey, I can't play violent video games every day. Studies have shown that violent video games might negatively affect behaviour. I personally don't believe these people, I play violent video games and am a gentle and mentally stable person. Anyone who tells me differently will get a kick in the crotch!

Overall 6/10

Typical Unibroue. It is nice, but you must like strong, yeasty, spicy beers.

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