Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Keepers Stout

Keepers Stout (Lighthouse)

Ratebeer 3.25 62nd percentile
Beer Advocate A-

Canadian Brewing Award 2009 Silver Medal for Stout.

Taste +4

The nose was a little vacant because it came on tap very cold, but you could still pick up the slight roasted chocolate. The colour is as a stout should be; black, opaque with a thin layer of tan head. It had a medium mouthfeel, slightly watery, with roasted malts and bitter chocolate. The roast was the predominant flavour but still a little on the sweet side.

Aftertaste 0

Sadly this stout ends clean with only the faintest of roasted chocolate.
Alcohol Content 0 5.1%

Value +1

I love this stout even better when paired with a good Irish Whiskey.

Ingame Enhancement +1

This was the same Pfizer dinner, but at home was the unlocked Left4Dead 2 demo. Life does not get much better than this.
Overall 6/10

Three words best describe this beer: Yummy Stout.

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