Sunday, November 8, 2009

Longwood Imperial Stout

Long Wood Imperial Stout

Ratebeer 3.12 43rd percentile
Beer Advocate A-

This is one of my favourite styles of beer. The other is a good Saison.

Taste +3

The nose is quite sweet with chocolate, burnt almonds, slight oatmeal and sherry (alcohol). Every lovely sip is rich, smooth and creamy that leaves a slight oily coating in the mouth. The mild roasted coffee flavours mix well with the not too bitter chocolate.

Aftertaste +1

Sadly it is over quickly with only a trace of bitter chocolate left.

Alcohol Content +1 7.2%

The alcohol shows up as a sherry/port like taste; the sweetest form of alcohol.

Value 0

When I ask for an Imperial Stout, I want a bitter and strong face sucker. This was almost there, but not quite.

Ingame Enhancement 0

Meh, didn't play tonight.

Overall 5/10

This was a very silky Imperial Stout, but a little lacking in the bitter chocolate department. To be fair this was made at a brewpub and general these brews do not stay too far from the norm.

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