Wednesday, November 4, 2009

La Moneuse

La Moneuse

Ratebeer 3.75 96th percentile
Beer Advocate A-

Taste +4
I love a good saison style; they are big, sweet, spicey and refreshing. This one smells like a good one with spicy yeast, apricots and dried apples. You must watch the bottle when you pour. There is so much head it creeps out of the bottle. Yum..The taste is sweet maraschino cherries, apricots and other light pit fruits. All around these flavours is that wonderful spicy yeast/hops mix. At the end of every sip it provides that towel snap to your tongue.

Aftertaste +1

The finish is dry, tart and very cider like. Green apples and spicy yeast linger not long enough.

Alcohol Content +1 8%

Be very careful with this one. It is very tasty.

Value +1

This was very good, tasty and the corked bottle gives a nice presentation. Perhaps best paired with something spicy.

Ingame Enhancement +1

I must stop using this criteria; it really has nothing to do with beer. Any suggestion or comments for a new category would be greatly appreciated. What did I do... Tonight no one was on the L4D server so I played with myself. Wait.. No I played by myself.

Overall 8/10

Simply delicious. It was sweet, spicy and strong.

Farmhand Ale (Driftwood)
Le Merle Saison
Ommegang Hennepin


Matt said...

How about just a "Bias" score.. you can give it whatever you want: packaging, availability, burp flavour, pairing ability.. dealer's choice.

todd sommerville said...

love the reviews just wish i could get my hands on the beers stuck here in nc, usa can't legally buy anything over 6% alcohol

Unknown said...

Todd I feel for you. Once the ABV gets over 6% the flavour really gets better

Unknown said...

Matt..burp flavour I like that, but I think that is covered in aftertaste. Packaging is great if you bring it to a party