Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Rip Tide Stout and Binge Drinking and Driving

I love science; it is even better when paired with binge drinking. Perhaps I should explain.. This study caught my eye the other day, "Acute alcohol tolerance on subjective intoxication and simulated driving performance in binge drinkers". It sounds like an ARC drinking and driving party (aka. PS3 and beers). In the June 2009 issue of Psychology or Addictive Behaviors, researchers gave college kids enough ethanol to mimic binge drinking and tested their performance on a simulated drive game. You can guess the results, they did poorly. Big shocker. But this was the shocking finding, regular binge drinkers felt less intoxicated and reported a greater willingness to drive than social drinkers. This is something the researchers labeled as acute alcohol tolerance. Here is how it works; when you drink your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) rises. This makes you feel intoxicated. When you stop drinking your BAC declines. Binge drinkers felt less intoxicated when their BAC was declining, even though their actual BAC was identical to a point when their BAC was increasing. In other words, they felt less drunk when they were sobering up even though they still had the same amount of alcohol floating through their veins. This is the kicker, binge drinkers drove worse when their BAC were declining compared to when it was increasing.
This is one the reasons why more binge drinkers tend to drive home. They perceived themselves to be OK to drive, but in fact their BAC may be above the legal limit. BTW each subject got $75 as compensation for getting loaded for free.

Rip Tide Stout - BrewDog

Ratebeer 3.59 91st percentile
Beer Advocate B

Taste +4

For such a strong stout, the nose was oddly faint with roasted coffee and alcohol. But the taste made up for it; the brew was think and oily. A big moughtfeel revealed a bittersweet stout with burnt toast, roasted coffee and cocoa nibs. Upfront there was a slight taste of dark cherries.
Aftertaste +2

The long oily coating left burnt (not roasted) cocoa everywhere.

Alcohol Content +1 8%

It only left a little warmth.
Value +1

If you like a big stout, as I do, this will make your taste buds happy.
Ingame Enhancement +1

Death Aboard v7.0 is now available for L4D. It is the first map to challenge a player, without frustrating due to missing textures or unfinished parts. This is now the current map on Nightware4Dead.

Overall 9/10

This is one great Imperial Stout. It is big, thick and oily with burnt sweetness all around.

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