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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Duchy Original Organic Ale

Duchy Original Organic Ale (England)

Rate beer 3.06 48th percentile
Beer Advocate B

This is an effort of Prince Charles HRH The Prince of Wales to try and foster organic farming within England. Duchy Originals makes all sort of stuff; cookies, jams and soups. The most significant in our eyes is the beer.

Taste +3

It pours a nice amber colour with little carbonation. The first whiff calls out English bitter; light hoppy aroma with bread and raspberries. The flavour is all English bitter style; very smooth and slightly bitter. The bitterness is not from the hops, more of a tart apple or toast.

Aftertaste +1

Truly a pleasant balance of bitterness and sweetness that finishes quick and clean.

Alcohol Content 0 5%

Could we maybe get a 5.1% sometime?

Value +1

This is $3.50 for a full pint (500ml). Cheaper than a pub. It is actually the cheapest of all English import bitters; very odd for something organic.

Ingame Enhancement +1

These days the zombies are scared. Nightware has a dedicated server so we have them cornered.


Duchy is a very quaffable English style bitter. Well worth the money if you like this style of beer, or if you want something organic. Maybe you are into Prince Chuck?