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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Green Discovery Amber Ale

Green Discovery Amber Ale

Green produces gluten free beers for the pure at heart and intestine. This brew is also free-lots of other stuff. A great option for those with dietary sensitivities.

Ratebeer 1.97/5 5th percentile
Beer Advocate D+

Taste +3

I'm sorry but I disagree with the masses, this is a decent brew. Note I said brew and not beer. The brew is cloudy like dishwater with slight scents of rice and vineous stuff. The taste was similar to rice pudding/sake and rich pancakes. This slightly sweet and quite carbonated brew also contained a lot of green apple tartness.

Aftertaste +1

It left a mild green apple and vinegar like residue.

Alcohol Content +1 6%

Value 0

It was interesting but not worth a repeat.

Ingame Enhancement 0

Still staying the course with L4D2. I can see why people get sucked into one gaming franchise.

Overall 4/10

This is a great option for people with celiac disease that can't tolerate glutens from wheat and barley. For the rest of us, it might not taste that good.

Greens Endeavor

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Greens Endeavour (Gluten Free)

Greens Endeavour

Ratebeer 2.54 17th percentile
Beer Advocate C-

Taste +2

Nose was almost like a rye, with added heavy malt sweetness and cherries. Right away you got a alcohol and carbonation tingle that gave way to a tart cherry-like sweetness. It was almost effervescent. Certainly was on the sweet side.

Aftertaste +2

It is hard to believe that malt vinegar and cherries can provide a nice lingering taste.

Alcohol Content +1 7%
Too much sweet; there was no hiding the spirit vapor.

Value 0

It was interesting, but as it warmed up it got sweeter. Best served very cold.
Ingame Enhancement 0

Left a funny taste in my mouth that had to be removed by brushing. It caused my to miss part of the finale.
Overall 5/10

For those who have gluten sensitivities it is nice to know that you can still enjoy a beer. I'm glad I don't have such sensitivities.