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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Labyrinth Black Ale

I hate attending BYOB dinner parties; they can be anxiety inducing. It is not what you are thinking. I have no worries about meeting, greeting and making small talk. Also, rarely do I make awkward comments and come across as a sociopath. It worries me because I have to bring beer. For a beer geek, choosing the right beer to bring to a party can be a Herculean task. In this case I was more like Theseus and headed for the Labyrinth.

Labyrinth Black Ale = 10/10
Ratebeer 3.76 98th percentile
Beer Advocate A-

The label may say 'black ale', but the vanilla, wood and bitter chocolate reveals its true nature: imperial stout. Is that a hint of licorice I smell? Oh man! The dark chocolates, licorice, dark cherry were perfect; a good hop snap at the end made this brew heavenly. There was a very full mouthfeel that was silky and slippery. It was complemented by an all encompassing alcohol warmth. The best beer I have had in some time.

Taste +5
Aftertaste +2
Alcohol Content +1 13.2%
Value +1
Appearance +1 (Stunning label art and corked bottle)

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