Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Flavius Goes on Vacation

F: Meter I am so excited, I'm going on vacation to a Female erotic themed island.
M: Ha, I can't believed you fell for the oldest travel joke around. The island is pronounced LezBoss and it is only a petrified forest.
F: Dang, maybe I should stay home, I never have a pleasant vacation.
M: It is always your own fault; last time you wore your I Plane NY T-shirt to the Airport!
F: I thought it would lighten the mood.
M: And never bring potpourri in your carry-on luggage.
F: I see your point, and don't say "drug mule" as your occupation.
M: Right. When you are being searched up the Hershey trail don't whistle U2 songs.
F: Which ones, "Still haven't found what you are looking for" or "Where the streets have no names"?
M: Neither and don't sing "The boys are back in town" either.
F: Maybe I should stick to beer reviews.


This beer surprised me. Usually I am not keen about foreign light beers, but this one was unusually good. Produced by the Staropolski Brewery in Poland, this brew claims to contain organically grown ingredients. I'm not sure if that is true, because it says "BS" on the label.

M: Dude, they do not alter the logo with the other translations, Browar Staropolski.

Taste +4

As I said before, it is very light lasting, but not too light. Flavours of honey, mandarin oranges and other citrus fruit are plentiful. There is no bitterness at all.

Aftertaste +2

A full mouthful leaves a very slight tanginess that quickly vanishes.

Alcohol 6% +1

Hardly noticeable at all.

Value +1

This is one nice beer; 500ml for $2.20 at BCLS.

Ingame enhancement +1

We never played Call of Duty this night. I did manage to beat Meterman at Gran Turismo Prologue. Anytime I beat Meterman is a good day.


This beer almost gets top marks. The more I think about this beer, the more I want to go and have one right now. Certainly one to keep in your fridge to impress friends. If your friends are not impressed by this beer, get new friends. Keep the beer.

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