Sunday, February 7, 2010

Red Racer IPA

Red Racer IPA

Ratebeer 3.73 93rd percentile
Beer Advocate A

This is a great beer. It was voted best beer in BC by Camra in 2010 . On it was voted the 21st best beer in Canada.

Taste +4

It is true to the West Coast IPA style with a big citrus and pine hop nose. There was a little more pine than citrus. The smooth mouthfeel delivered a good smack of pine/resiny hop assault that was mixed with a little citrus. It was not so overpowering that you missed the butter and caramel malts. Whenever the glass got near your nose, the hops hit you again.

Aftertaste +2

It was a long and drawn out astringent hop bitterness. The resin and pine had a slight tart and grassy sweetness to it.

Alcohol Content +1 6.5%

Value +1

This was nicely done IPA. It was hoppy and very drinkable.

Ingame Enhancement +1

No gaming tonight, but I did get all my tasting notes caught up.

Overall 9/10

This is a great IPA and nicely balanced. The balance was shifted a bit to the hop side, but that is what you want in a great IPA.

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