Friday, July 31, 2009

Brockton IPA (Granville Island)

Brockton IPA (Granville Island)

Ratebeer 3.06 43rd percentile
Beer Advocate B

Taste +4
The nose hints of hoppiness to come, but balanced with caramel and roasted malt. This is a very drinkable IPA. There is just enough pine and floral hops to slightly overpower the caramel sweetness.

Aftertaste +1

Only a trace of alcohol and carbonation tingle carries away the residue of hop bitterness. The pine and floral hints are not overpowering.

Alcohol Content 0 6%

Just on the edge.

Value +1

This is a very drinkable IPA. I have already bought 3 six pack so far.
Ingame Enhancement +1

It is hard to get electricity and WiFi while camping. I did learn that this beer tastes good slightly warm and dirty.

Overall 7/10

It may be argued that IPA's should have a knock-down hop bitterness, but I disagree. I enjoyed this IPA; it has a nice balance between the knock-downs and weakling IPA (Alex Keiths).

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Dan Crocker said...

I actually had this when i was in Victoria in a taste pack and it was pretty good, however I was more impressed with the VI Spyhopper than this one, can you guys do a review on that beer?



Dan Crocker said...

I tried this beer in a GI taster pack, however I seemed to have been more in favor of the VI Spyhopper beer.

I would enjoy seeing a review on that beer :)

Unknown said...

Skyhopper, sure PK for you anything

Dan Crocker said...

erm.. yes... SKYhopper, sorry I didnt bring any back with me so I did manage to get the name wrong :0