Friday, July 10, 2009

Tennent's Lager (speed review)

Tennent's Lager

Ratebeer 2.31 11th percentile
Beer Advocate C+

Taste +2

Very soft malts grace the tongue, but it is still lager like. You know the drill: grass, apricots and faint aromatic hops. It kinda reminders me of a premium Lucky Lager, only not as sweet.

Aftertaste +1

There was a dry, mild apricot aftertaste but it faded pretty quick.
Alcohol Content -1 4.4%

Value 0

It was very drinkable, but not exceptional.

Ingame Enhancement 0

This was enjoyed in the Penny Farthing Pub, with my buddy Donovan. I think he even bought. WOOT.

Overall 2/10

A nice drinkable, mass produced lager. The flavour was above average, but this does not entail an endorsement.

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