Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Brooklyn Winter Ale and Historical Events

Flavius: This is a great day in history.
Meterman: Right. I'm surprised you know about GM filling for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.
F: What? That doesn't surprise me, who wanted to buy a hybrid Hummer anyways? No, today they announced Left 4 Dead 2!
M: I'm sorry but chainsaws and zombies is a little stale and overdone.
F: I like the idea of beating a zombie with a frying pan.
M: I'm sure your wife has lots of tips for your frying pan technique.

Brooklyn Winter Ale

Ratebeer 3.18 62nd percentile
Beer Advocate B+

Taste +3

The nose was a little more malty than I normally like; there is also a very slight clove spiciness. It is a full bodied beer which has a heavy presence of creamy, caramel malt. Overall it's a smooth sweetish brew with hints of bourbon and vanilla. The hops are understated and only give a slight earthy bitterness.

Aftertaste +1

There is a smooth fading of the sweetness.

Alcohol Content +1 6.1%

Value +1

It was an above average beer. I think this one was picked up on sale at the Fairfield BCLS for about $13 for a 6pack.

Ingame Enhancement +1

Left 4 Dead 2 coming in November. Who says zombies don't make a great Christmas gift?

Overall 7/10

The would be the prefect brew for someone who likes their beers on the sweet side.

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