Wednesday, October 6, 2010

For the love of a good lager

I have never been fanatical about lagers or other pale beers. Perhaps my memories are tainted by pale yellow liquids that were tasteless and had short names. This bias stayed with me for many years and was only recently called into question. The beer that changed my mind was Session Premium Lager by Full Sail. It was light, refreshing but did not lack in taste. The grassy, honey and vegetal were backed up by a crisp floral and spicy hop blast. This beer was best described with two words; delicious and more please!

This lead me to try other lagers. I went out and bought an 8 pack of Vancouver Island Brewery Islander Lager. Rarely do I buy a six pack of anything, let alone an eight pack. There is not a review on my website; I decided to just enjoy the beer and not be critical by rating it.

So I decided to stay away from the IPA's that seem to dominate the Pacific Northwest beer palate and focus on trying lagers. Making a good lager is a hard thing; there is no hop blast to hide the off flavours.

This has lead me to try many lagers. This has also lead to some bad experiences; there are a lot of crappy lagers out there. There are also a lot of good lagers to be had. The risk of palate damage is worth the reward of a great refreshing lager. So bold beer drinkers, reign in your lust for the powerful hop slap. Reset your taste buds on low and enjoy a lager.

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Dan said...

I had one of these two weeks ago. My lovely brother in law brought it from washington. it was downright lovely, but just too small.