Sunday, October 10, 2010

I feel is not what you think

I was sitting in my Las Vegas hotel room when the message came on my phone. The text message contained love; no it was not solicited. It was my main man Shawn from Clive's Classic lounge. He was saving me one of the last samples of his famous wood aged negroni. At this moment I learned that I was in Shawn's inner circle. I have this feeling Shawn's inner circle is like a Costco membership; not everyone one has one but lots do. Shawn is like that, he makes everyone feel welcome and special. This text was touching; I felt the love. Upon returning to Victoria I visited Clive's with gifts. Note to self: don't bring a famous bartender glassware. It is akin to bringing your carpenter a bag of nails.

I learned that there were to be more casks at Clive's. Thursday October 14th, there will be a cask from Salt Spring Island Brewery. To my knowledge this is the first cask done by Salt Spring Island Brewery. But I could be wrong; I often am. The style will be an alt style with estate grown hops. I'm looking forward to it. Also for all those glassware hoarders (myself included), ask about Oktoberfest. During the month of October, if you drink two glasses of everything on tap you get a box of various European/Belgian beer glassware. I would love to get my hands on a Delirium tulip glass.

Let the rumors fly. There might be a Left4Beer beer pairing dinner at Clive's in the new year. I have hosted a few before but this will be at a real restaurant. There may also be a few rare/aged beer tasting sessions in the back room. Dave from beerinbc will be helping with this one. Stay tuned. There is a lot of beer love out there.

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Dave said...

Saltspring have done one or two in Vancouver. I do like their alt beer, so I'm looking forward to this.