Sunday, November 28, 2010

Gordon Biersch Marzen

Ratebeer 2.98/5 46th percentile
Beer Advocate B

Taste +4

The nose was truly clean with a lightly bready and caramel nose. Usually I am not a fan of lagers, but this was tasty. The taste was just like the nose with a noticeable floral and earthy hops backing.

Aftertaste 0

The ending was very clean, crisp and slighly effervescent. Maybe just a lingering kiss of roast and caramel.

Alcohol Content 0 5%

I wasn't expecting miracles.

Value +1

This one was really nice.

Ingame Enhancement +1

This brew was enjoyed on my patio with a good buddy; he even bought the beer. I think he bought it because his name was Gordon also.

Overall 6/10

I will never look the same was at their cheesy restaurants again. This was a great Oktoberfest style beer: easy drinking with just enough caramel and hop goodness to provide palate love.

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