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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Gordon Biersch Marzen

Ratebeer 2.98/5 46th percentile
Beer Advocate B

Taste +4

The nose was truly clean with a lightly bready and caramel nose. Usually I am not a fan of lagers, but this was tasty. The taste was just like the nose with a noticeable floral and earthy hops backing.

Aftertaste 0

The ending was very clean, crisp and slighly effervescent. Maybe just a lingering kiss of roast and caramel.

Alcohol Content 0 5%

I wasn't expecting miracles.

Value +1

This one was really nice.

Ingame Enhancement +1

This brew was enjoyed on my patio with a good buddy; he even bought the beer. I think he bought it because his name was Gordon also.

Overall 6/10

I will never look the same was at their cheesy restaurants again. This was a great Oktoberfest style beer: easy drinking with just enough caramel and hop goodness to provide palate love.

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hofbrau Bock - Trader Joe's

I like Trader Joe's. Mrs Left4Beer really likes Trader Joe's. Life is good and all is harmonious after she visits this epicly odd grocery store. She almost has as much fun here as I have at Bottleworks. The beer selection is getting better and very reasonably priced. I rarely buy a six pack of beer because then the same beer has to be sampled six times. This policy might have to change soon because a lot of their house beers sound really good.

Hofbrau Bock - Trader Joe's
Brewed by Gordon Biersch

Ratebeer 2.82 35th percentile
Beer Advocate B-

Taste +3

There was zero carbonation from this bottle and therefore zero head retention. The nose also did not provide any surprises; it was very lager like with light honey and sweet limes. Things improved with a light/medium mouthfeel and a slightly creamy sensation. Lightly toasted grains with toffee hints overpowered the earthy hops. This brew was a little on the sweet side but nice. There were 22IBU for those keeping score.

Aftertaste +1

The earthy hops, honey and toasted grains slowly faded away cleanly.

Alcohol Content +1 7%

I never saw that one coming.

Value 0

It was nice, but a little too light and sweet for a bock.

Ingame Enhancement +1

Still in Seattle wondering how many DNA stains are in my hotel room.

Overall 6/10

A nice, light, sweet and high octane bock can now be found at Trader Joe's. Don't forget to pick up some 2 buck Chuck and chocolate covered edamame beans.

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