Sunday, January 23, 2011

Propeller Porter

Yet another porter; thank goodness this one is not flavoured. This porter is in the London (brown) style so it should be nuttier and less roasted. The robust porter is usually stronger in ABV and roasted flavours.

Propeller Porter = 5/10

Ratebeer 3.57 95th percentile
Beer Advocate B+

Now this is nice: a nose of dry roasted cocoa nibs really sets the mood. The taste follows the nose but adds a touch of cooling menthol from the hops. I found this a little thin and low in carbonation, which was perfect. After the swallow a slight, dry coating of cocoa powder remained. One of the nicest porters I've had in a while.

Taste +4
Aftertaste 0
Alcohol Content 0 5%
Value +1
Appearance 0

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