Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Upcoming Trappist Beer School, Feburary 17th

The next beer school is called: "Trappist Triumph; Take Monday off." This school is in honour of a virtual friend that I will be meeting in real life. So we shall have all seven original Trappist beers in the same room, at the some time. This is a rare occurrence for anywhere in the world; other than perhaps Belgium.

Email in early to reserve your spot,Sunday, February 17th, 7:30ish at Clive's Classic Lounge in the Chateau Victoria. Here is a list of the beers to be sampled:

1. Achel - a Belgian Blonde
2. Orval - the classic
3. Chimay White
4. Westmalle Dubbel
5. Rochefort 8
6. La Trappe Tripel
7. TOP SECRET - and no, it is not the one you are thinking of

As always you are there to learn. There will be history, glassware lessons, food pairing suggestions, a cheese plate to nibble on and prizes. The same format as always: bring a pen, your palate and $30. The cost is higher this time due to expense of adding extra and expensive beers.  Email me or leave a comment to reserve your spot. There will be only 17 spots for this event. Do not delay as this school is already half full.

Please forward this to any other craft beer loving friends who might like to attend. As always plan for a safe trip home.

Looking forward to seeing everyone again,


kalen said...

just wondering what the chances are there's room for another tongue at the table tomorrow?
Kalen Harris

Unknown said...

Sorry Kalen, super full up, but leave your email and I will add you to mailing list for other events