Thursday, November 21, 2013

Centennial Saison by Swan's and no comment

I think things need to be spruced up around here. Readership is increasing, which is nice. Either that or more bots are subscribing to learn about beer. No one leaves any comments though. Barley Mowat gets lots of comments, especially when I post dumb stuff. Then again, his stuff is interesting and thought provoking. Here are the top five reasons why, I think, no one leaves comments on my blog. I also like making lists.

5. People just read the score I gave a beer and move on. Confirmation of one's palate is important.

4. No one actually reads my crappy blog. They just subscribed to be polite. I can't blame them. The layout is ugly, there are no pretty pictures and nothing else to click on.

3. My description of a beer is the definitive guide and should not be questioned. Highly unlikely.

2. Most - actually all - posts never leave room for debate or opinions. I drink, I comment, I provide food pairings. It is more of a lecture and not a forum for debate. There is no lingering question that needs to be answered. Which leads me to number 1.

1. ??? You fill in the number one reason below in the comment section below - yes there is one. Everyone hates an uncompleted list. True, this is a dirty trick but I'm OK with that.

Centennial Saison = 7/10

This is a very simple beer, but highly enjoyable. The saison part is bang on with dry citrus fruits, spicy yeast, slightly musty with a dry finish. Add to this the juicy tartness of apricots and we have a winner. It didn't linger very long, which only leaves you longing for more.

I can't find a photo of this beer, but has lots of pretty pictures.

Taste +4
Aftertaste +1
Alcohol Content 0 Didn't say, but it tastes around 6%
Value +1 its nice, very nice
Appearance +1 always tastes better in the brewpub

Glassware: Tulip.

Food Pairings: So this saison is sweet, fruity and slightly spicy. Indian dishes would be an ideal pairing. The fruity sweetness could act like chutney to help calm the spice, yet the spicy yeast would harmonize well. I bet you could use this beer in a reduction to glaze just about anything. Perhaps a spicy pound cake would be nice. It's effervescence could help lift the fat from any dish. Peking duck suits this option nicely.

Cellar: I don't think it was bottled, but if it was, it wouldn't cellar well anyways.


Brian C said...

It's true, I do often validate my palate by comparing your tasting notes. My write ups are aren't very open ended either so my readership is pretty good but comments are almost always nothing. I found I had more interaction when I was writing more about history and enjoyment tips rather than straight beer reviews.

Unknown said...

Thanks Brian. Might work on more preamble about style, history and significance. Less about actual review. Maybe a series on glassware would be nice

shortz said...

Because u have to sign in to comment. Btw, I always read your reviews and wish i had a cellar. Cheerz

Darrin G said...

I'd be interested in a series on glassware. That is one of my weak points.

Mark Atkinson said...

I read your blog all the time, Ian, and most of the time I just haven't yet tried the beers that you've reviewed so I don't feel my input is that useful or constructive. This weekend, though, I'm going to try a few beers so I'll let you know where you're out of line or just plain wrong ;)

Brian C said...

Glassware would be a good one. Once I really got into glassware it was hard to believe that I would drink every beer from a standard North Americsn shaker pint glass. I'm still astounded that many of the good beer bars are serving in improper glassware either because they don't have it or staff doesn't know any better.

Unknown said...

Sounds like your blue! Daft Punk, or just a comment on your blogs colour scheme? Who knows. ("da da de da da do da da da de da da do")

Actually love you work; keep it coming. I like to read all your reviews before a shopping trip so this is more informing my purchase rather than my pallet.

Maybe after I buy something should try and make a comment if I disagree with your write up, but since I'm limited to mostly "beer good" / "beer bad" opinions maybe that wouldn't be such a great idea.

So please take my silence as "beer blog good". Also, please add "Uneducated boozers" to your list at #1.

Unknown said...

Thanks shortz for following. I put the authentication thing in because I was getting so much spam. Made me feel inadequate with all the comments about needing Viagra.

Unknown said...

Close Shave, thanks for checking in. Post whatever you like anything you say is constructive.

Unknown said...

So it sounds like glassware series is in order. Done

MarioBaldy said...

I also am guilty: I just look and silently agree or disagree. I think it's the need to sign in as well that deters most; I also get next to no comments on my blog.

unclespeedo said...

I lurk because I can, please don't take this as a sign of not caring, love what you do!

unclespeedo said...

I'm a lurker but it's got nothing to do with you, love what you've got going here.

I like the glass wear idea.

Unknown said...

I hear ya Speedo. Glassware it is then