Sunday, January 11, 2015

New Years Beer Resolutions

Can there be such things as resolutions for beer drinking? Why not? It seems like more fun than the regular resolutions. So along with getting more exercise and reading more fiction, I plan to do the following:

1. Start drinking the Victoria classics. This is hard for an Untappd beer ticker. Why would I spend good money on a beer I have already tasted? I can't recall the last time that I drank Driftwood's White Bark or a Hermann's.

2. Work really hard to try every new release in Victoria this year. At least, those worth trying. This is harder than it sounds, Moon Under Water released a few beer I had never heard of.

3. Go on a brewery tour. I have actually never been on one. Maybe Jeff from Category 12 can show me around. 

4. Visit the Four Mile Pub. Yes this does directly conflict with number 2, but I want to see if it is as bad as everyone says it is.

5. Start homebrewing again. All the gear is in the shed. My low ABV English style bitter was quite tasty.

6. Blog on a regular basis. Enough said. Did you know that this crappy blog has been running since 2007?!

How about you readers? Any Brew Years resolutions?

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Unknown said...

Homebrew more, and keep thinking about going pro