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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hitachino Nest Lacto Sweet Stout

Hitachino Nest Lacto Sweet Stout

Ratebeer 2.81 28th percentile
Beer Advocate C+

This style is unique from other stouts by the low hops and addition of lactose sugar into the mix. In the case of Hitachino, it is 10% of the grain bill. This imparts a creamy, milky sweetness with a bit of acidity. I also have the classic example of this style in my cellar, Farsons Lacto. Still looking for anyone to share a good beer with... I picked this beer up at West Vancouver Liquor Store. They have quite the selection of beers.

Taste +4

I liked this beer; it is in stark contrast to the rest of the beer rating world. The nose carried a faint roast and milk chocolate. The taste was silky smooth with sweet milk chocolate and roasted malts. It was a very thin beer and slightly bready. It lacked any noticeable hop bitterness; most likely masked by the lactose acidity and astringency.

Aftertaste +1

A long lasting sweet coating on the tongue was similar to a Malteser.

Alcohol Content -1 4%

This was far from a session beer; too sweet.

Value +1

I liked it and would recommend it to anyone who likes the sweet stouts.

Ingame Enhancement +1

I bought this brew on a panic beer run before the 2010 men's gold medal olympic hockey game. There was a lot of ingame enhancement here; I think I wet my pants during the overtime.

Overall 6/10

A good sweet stout. It was a little thin, but had enough roasted malts, sweet chocolate and lactose astringency to make it interesting.

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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Hitachino Nest XH

Hitachino Nest XH

This is the odd ball beer, a Belgian style ale aged in Sake casks.

Ratebeer 3.69 93 percentile
Beer Advocate B

Obvious lots of people loved this beer. Perhaps the emperor has a nice pair of Khakis.

Taste -2

Eww, the nose oozed lichen, musty and earth tones. The first sip was effervescent rice, wet nuts and tastes like listerine. It smelled like an old house.
Aftertaste 0

Thank goodness is faded fast and was clean.
Alcohol Content +1 7%

This was the only highlight of this beer.

Value -1

This beer was not tasty in the least; too musty and smokie.

Ingame Enhancement -1

I missed a few levels of L4D because I had to dump this beer out and brush my teeth.

Overall -3/10

You must be a fan of earthy and sake tastes to enjoy this beer. If you want something different, look for these owls. Whenever I see these little owls in the future I will reach for my autoshotty