Thursday, June 11, 2009

Youngs Double Chocolate Stout

Youngs Double Chocolate Stout

Ratebeer 3.78 97th percentile
Beer Advocate A-

Taste +5

With a slight nose of alcohol, oatmeal and bitter chocolate you know this will be one rich beer. It does not disappoint; there is a thickness to this pint that covers the mouth with bitter chocolate and lightly roasted malt. Despite the slight hops and roasted malt bite, this is one remarkably smooth beer.
Aftertaste +1

It leaves an after bite of bittersweet chocolate liqueur, but it fades gently away with the alcohol tingle.

Alcohol Content 0 5.2%

Value +1

I get this beer whenever I have been a good boy.

Ingame Enhancement +1

Tonight was a standard night: beer, zombies and friends. Although the zombies were virtual and the friends I have never met in RL.
Overall 8/10

I seem to have one of these every month. Rightly so, it is a great indulgence beer.
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