Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Old Towne Bavarian Lager and Beer Hacking

Flavius: I have been reading this book about mind hacking...
Meterman: Not very relevant for you..
F: Under my feet. I was thinking..
M: Good! You should try that more often.
F: I should try and hack my beer drinking.
M: How the hell can you hack beer? Open bottle, drink; repeat as needed.
F: No... Start with the lager or pilsner so as to not coat the palate. Then move on to the stouts and Belgians.
M: You think too much about useless stuff.

Old Towne Bavarian Lager (Swans)

Ratebeer 2.76 26th percentile
Beer Advocate A-

Taste +3

This pale pint has the most amazing sweet hop aroma. I am not a fan of lagers, but this is the exception. You taste a fresh corn and pale malt that is not too sweet. The aromatic hops keep this under wraps. When the light malt fades away the hops take over with a gentle bitter bite. A very drinkable pint.

Aftertaste 0

It drifts off very clean; perhaps a corn syrup and pancake lingering. It was hard to tell.

Alcohol Content 0 5.4%
Value +1

Stellar deal for $3.85 for a true pint.

Ingame Enhancement +1

After a pint of that 8% scotch ale and this one I was feeling no pain. On a hot day in downtown Victoria, there is no better place to be than at Swan's Hotel. I am truly glad that the mini-skirt is back in fashion. I am also glad that I brought my bike.

Overall 5/10

This might make a lager lover out of me; just not those mass produced ones in colourful cans.

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