Thursday, June 18, 2009

Kronenbourg (Speed review)

**insert generic pale beer picture here**

Ratebeer 2.23 9th percentile
Beer Advocate D+

Had this one on tap at the Penny Farthing Pub. Not sure is it was the 1664 or the plain.

Taste +1

Taste was average; barely flowery hops with whiffs of grass and honey. It was very light and drinkable, a little watery though. The nose did have a slight plum and spice sensation, but it was a stretch. It tasted a lot like apple cider.

Aftertaste +1

Very clean finish and not too mouth puckering.

Alcohol Content -1 4.7%

Value 0

It was alright.

Ingame Enhancement +1

Just sat in the pub and talked with my friend Donovan (aka. Pretty Blue Eyes), so it was a good night.

Overall 2/10

Bleck, boring beer. Only slightly above average.

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