Saturday, June 27, 2009

Steam Whistle Pilsner

Steam Whistle Pilsner

Ratebeer 2.83 30th percentile
Beer Advocate B-

There are few things I like about Toronto; this is one of them.

Taste +4

The nose is very pilsner like; light grass sweetness and clover notes. Immediately the carbonation takes hold and fizzes the refreshing tastes all over the mouth. It is the most pleasant grass and toasted bread sweetness. This is vanquished with an equally as refreshing hop bitterness. The hops are just slight enough to cleanse the palate.

Aftertaste +1

There is a very hollow finish, dry and crisp. It is just as a good pilsner should be. After a slight mouth rinsing of hop bitterness, it was gone

Alcohol Content 0 5%

Value +1

This is truly an exceptional Canadian Pilsner. Well worth the slightly premium price; about $15 for 6 pack. I get it every time I see it.

Ingame Enhancement +1

I am just making this up to increase the beers score.
Overall 7/10

This should be Canada's beer; not those other 'pilsners'.

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