Saturday, April 24, 2010

Driftwood Belle Royal

Driftwood Belle Royal
Strong Belgian Ale

Taste +5

It pours cloudy with red and no head; this either means glory or my bad homebrew. Luckily I grabbed the right bottle and glory hits the tastebuds. The nose was all pale malts, yeast, alcohol and sour cherries. The persistent alcohol warmth blends wells well with the medium effervescent mouthfeel. There is light fruit esters (apricots), but the big winner is the sour cherries. Their dominance is subtle and lasts from start to finish.

Aftertaste +2

The alcohol warmth and sour cherries had a kirsch-like quality.

Alcohol Content +1 9%

You could not taste it, only feel it.

Value +1

I think this one will do well with aging. The first stock wave vanished from Victoria within hours.

Ingame Enhancement +1

The new map for L4D is short but sweet. The Passing was great; I missed Francis. I hate pessimistic guys with tattoos.

Overall 10/10

Everything Driftwood touches turn to gold. Their output may not be voluminous, but the quality is sure there. Take a good, strong Belgian Ale and add sour cherries; not the syrupy kind. This is the Driftwood Belle Royal: well done.

Dicks Grand Cru and Loss
Delirium Tremens


Dan said...

Holy shit, what a well-written blog. Long nights of playing Q3-mod Urban Terror and supping Red Racer IPA are what led me to start writing my blog, so there's plenty here I can empathize with.

(my blog:

Eskimodave sent me your way. I'll be reading every day now matey. I live on the Gorge, but moving to McKenzie/Shelbourne into a house with homebrew space. I'll invite you all to a Vic beerbloggers party in a few months.

J said...

searching for an image of this beer as I'm drinking it and thinking, "wow this is tasty!"

About to fire up some l4d2 as well...

great minds, think alike

Unknown said...

hey J if you ever want some locals to play L4D2 with.

Addy said...

the alcohol is totally present I am surprised you did not pick it up, they even recommend you to cellar this beer so it cools down. I though it was a bit hot