Monday, April 19, 2010

Phillips Hop Circle

Phillips Hop Circle

I take back all the bad things said about Phillips beers; this beer is uber-delicious.

Taste +4

For the love of cascades, this brew is about as balanced as CNN. The nose was shocking with the sweet cascades; pine, grapefruit citrus and cotton candy. It is also a pleasure to look at with its clear and golden/amber hues. Malts are hard to find but you can barely make out the grassy and pale straw. The hop circle is all about the hops. Normally the Phillips IPA are a little bit astringent and mouth puckering; not this one. They are glorious, sweet with grapefruits, pine and cotton candy. Ever sip is pleasant and not overpowering. Imagine Red Racer IPA but more cascades.

Aftertaste +2

It was long lasting, but subtle amounts of pine and grapefruit remained. The burps brought the grapefruits back with a vengeance.

Alcohol Content +1 6.5%

As a good IPA should be.

Value +1

I plan to go out and buy another six pack. This is something I rarely do.
Ingame Enhancement +1

My father and I enjoyed this beer in the backyard after a hard day of gardening. It was a Norman Rockwell moment.

Overall 9/10

This IPA was perfect with the grassy/straw pale malts barely containing the smooth and creamy cascades. Phillips Hop Circle is now the current IPA champion of BC.

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handsewnsuit said...

ok, i gotta try this one. I seem to buy blue buck lately but am getting into IPA again. Looks like this one is worth a try!

taste buds are watering...

Dan said...

I tried this out of the tank at Phillips Brewery last week. The head was so intense it smelled like pot. Very nice indeed. It might be the best BC IPA, it just might.

Dave said...

Thanks to your recommendations on twitter I ordered a flat. going to pick it up tomorrow.

Unknown said...

Don't worry Dave, you will not be disappointed. If you need help finishing the flat, let me know...

Addy said...

not quite red racer IPA, it seems to be lacking depth like not hopped for long enough