Monday, February 7, 2011

Chigo Wine Cellar/EPIC beer fridge update

Update from previous Wine Cellar conversion.

File this fridge under your get what you pay for. It looks really cool, but it really is kinda shitty. But I would spend the same amount of money and do it again.

The Bad
  • The power went off and I cannot remember which buttons I pushed to make it read in Celsius; not that it was that accurate anyways. The directions gave no indication that anything other than Fahrenheit could be displayed. There are two digital thermometers from eBay to monitor temperature.
  • A mysterious pool of water formed at the bottom of the fridge. In its defense, it is sitting next to a fish tank.
  • The shelves are wooden slats, perfect for holding wine bottles on their side. Not so good for upright beer bottles (see mod below for solution).
  • No internal LED lighting. Might work on that.
  • When full, pulling out the shelves is a little sketchy.
The Good
  • Looks awesome. Nice fake cherry wood side panels and glass door.
  • It keeps beer cold.
  • Very quiet.
To solve the upright bottles from falling over in the slats I put some metal mesh on the shelves. Some Daiso (love this store) BBQ grills were cut to size with a Dremel. This worked perfectly and did not interfere with air flow. It cost me $6.

Next, shelves were spaced a little further apart to allow better spacing for the 355ml, 650ml and 750ml bottles.

Finally the beer porn!

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