Saturday, February 12, 2011

Double Dragon 2011 (Phillips)

It is very awkward when you do not finish a beer. This was not accidental; it was intentional. Breweries always produce quality beers that everyone will enjoy, right? If the beer tastes bad, it is my palate that's flawed. I tried a beer yesterday that I thought was pretty good, but others - whose opinions I value - didn't like it. Today I tried the new Phillips Double Dragon and didn't like it at all. Yet others in the blogosphere thought it was alright. So what do I think about these differences of opinions and questioning of my palate choices: GREAT, bring it on! Being a beer geek is all about exploring and trying new styles. You can like or dislike whatever you choose, but you must give a reason. Here is mine.

Double Dragon 2011 (Phillips) = -3/10

It all started great with a faint nose of slight citrus and watery caramel. Things started to go bad when the medium-full mouthfeel delivered too much alcohol burn. It all fell apart; the dirty caramel became overwhelmed by this unfocused hop bitterness. It was all over the place: mineral, grapefruit pith, herbal and medicinal. There was no focus. Then the aftertaste of soapy bitterness and dry herbal made me question my desire to have another sip. I tried again after it warmed up. It didn't help. My wife came through with the voice of reason,"if you really don't enjoy it, don't finish it." The remaining bottle was deposited in the sink.

Taste -2
Aftertaste -1
Alcohol Content +1 8.2%
Value -1
Appearance +1 (This is my favourite label by Phillips)

I liked the Dragon last year.

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