Monday, February 21, 2011

Wilco Tango Foxtro (Lagunitas)

Apparently this beer is referencing a Wilco album called "Yankee Hotel Foxtrot". I have actually heard of the band Wilco; my friend Gord really likes them. This usually means I won't. I just bought it for the initials.

Wilco Tango Foxtrot (Lagunitas) =9/10
Ratebeer 3.63 96th percentile
Beer Advocate B+

This one is described as an "Imperial Brown Ale", it tastes more like a Cascadian dark. The nose is all big IPA with citrus, pine, resins and a hint of light chocolate. Always very hop assertive with an everlasting citrus/pine flavour. Your lips are burning after a 50/50 mix of alcohol and hops pounding. The malts are hidden but try hard to reveal their caramel, chocolate and cherry character. I'm sure the IBU reading of 64.20 is in reference to something else.

Taste +4
Aftertaste +2
Alcohol Content +1 7.83%
Value +1
Appearance +1 (WTF!)

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