Friday, February 10, 2012

Singularity 2012 (Driftwood)

I have only one issue with this beer; explanations will come in a moment.

Yes, yes it all smells so very good. Bourbon, bitter sweet chocolate, burnt toast, port and a little bit of vanilla; kinda like a David Bowie cocktail. Certainly the mouthfeel is thick, warming and oddly effervescent for a low carbonated beer. It tingles the mouth like 7-up. Oddly faint at the start and perhaps a bit thin with tickles of real vanilla extract and Kirsch. But only for a millisecond. Now here come the raw cocoa nibs, bourbon, burnt sourdough bread and weak espresso. This mildly astringent foursome leaves a long lasting and dusty coating that never leaves. Even after brushing your teeth, the flavours are still there.

Singularity 2012 (Driftwood) = 10/10 UNDER PROTEST

Here is my complaint -this is what a beer prick does, right? I paid $10.95 for this beer. This is a fricken embarrassment. Brooklyn Black Ops sold for how much, $25+? We had some Deschutes roll by at $20+. Heaven knows how many people opened their wallets and handed over red bills for two Dogfish Head bottles? This beer is as good - or better - than any of these other ones. And we only paid $10.95! If this beer priced this way near the front till at Bottleworks in Seattle, there would be black friday like riots. I have had a Dark Lord 2009, thanks Dave, and Driftwood's was nearly as good. Perhaps I am bitter that this beer did not crack the $14 mark as I predicted. Might be the 11.8% ABV talking: 11.8% heheh.. snort. Price valued products accordingly. My wife spent $25 on a bottle of wine today and we never blinked. I bet my Singularity will make my palate happier than her French Merlot. So there! Honestly, if the high end beer scene wants to grow, Victoria's brewers must act like it deserves it. That being said; I plan to buy 4-5 more and cellar them. I would have done so at $15!

Taste +5
Aftertaste +2
Alcohol Content +1 (11.8% wink)
Value +1
Appearance +1 (Uber-elegant wax dipped bottle)

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