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Friday, October 2, 2009

Mikkell Beer Geek - Weasel

Mikkell Beer Geek - Weasel
Imperial Coffee Stout

Ratebeer 4.22 100th percentile
Beer Advocate A

Ok, I only bought this beer because it was highly rated at Other beers that fell into my basket were Pliny the Elder, Rochefort 10 and Hair of the dog Dave. I didn't read the label closely, time was an issue, only had time to grab and run. So the story begins..

Taste +5

It poured as dark as my parole officers heart, with a short lived espresso gelato head. The aroma must be experienced; sweet roasted espresso, vanilla and bitter chocolate. As the brew warmed up bourbon and ethanol became apparent. Did I mention that it poured thick with sediment? The taste made me weep; very creamy, burnt oat toast, espresso and good bittersweet chocolate (70%+ cocoa mass). It was a very big tasting beer.
Aftertaste +2

There was a never ending bittersweet chocolate that coated everything. Oddly, you pick out citrus hints.

Alcohol Content +1 10.9%

You would never have guessed the high alcohol content, it was hidden well.

Value +1

Upon further reading of bottle "...brewed with Civet coffee..". That explains the $17 bucks a bottle. Meterman then pipes up, "We are drinking cat-scat-coffee-beer? Are you sure that sediment wasn't kitty litter?" It was worth it.

Ingame Enhancement +1

No video games this evening. The boys decimated my beer fridge; Weasel, Allagash White, and Doppel-Hirsch all vanished. I think Kyle drank a Blue Buck also.

Overall 10/10

This was the greatest beer I have ever tried; only slightly better than Rochefort 10. If you can get it, try it.

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