Saturday, May 16, 2009

Gonzo Imperial Porter

Gonzo Imperial Porter (Flying Dog)

Ratebeer 3.89 98th percentile
Beer Advocate A-

I had heard rumours about the impressiveness of this brew; I was not disappointed.
Taste +5

OMG the nose coming off this beer tells me that it means biznas. It stanks of the deepest porters; roasted, no make that burnt, malts, bitter chocolate and burnt caramel espresso. The taste is more than the average porter but less intense than an imperial stout. Despite the nose, it has a surprising smoothness to it; the bittersweet chocolate malts literally slide over the tongue and down to kiss our soul. Your taste sensation is as expected from the nose, but with an added molasses and licorice sweetness. I'm in love and it's not even Friday.

Aftertaste +2

It ends with a licorice sweetness, that appears after the bitter latte flavours vacate the premises. The brew gently coats the mouth and even several minutes later, the licorice sweetness is still there.
Alcohol Content +1 7.8%

You can't notice it at all. Luckily this is a slow sipping beer.

Value +1

For $10 for a four pack, this is not one to be overlooked.
Ingame Enhancement +1

I think I really impressed my Father with this one. I still have one left in the fridge and think about it every day. Sometimes I just open the door and stare at it.


If you like strong, dark, flavourful beers, this is the one. You might consider buying this for a friend if you borrow his golf clubs and damage one.

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