Thursday, May 21, 2009

Youngers Special Bitter (Rogue)

Youngers Special Bitter (Rogue)

Ratebeer 3.49 85th percentile
Beer Advocate B+
Taste +3

This will most certainly be a bitter; you can tell from the citrus hop bitterness that permeates the room. Once the nose gets closer, you can pick up a slight nuttiness and malt sweetness. The first thing to hit your tongue is the citrus hop and carbonation bite. This is followed with a medium malt sweetness, very bright, mixed with light citrus and cloves. Overall a very refreshing swig.

Aftertaste +2

All the flavours drift around and cleanly head off to leave a nice residual citrus bitterness. The bitterness just won't stop.
Alcohol Content -1 4.8%

True bitters are meant to be refreshing and not knock down beers.

Value +1

This was a great bitter. I will get this one for my Father at Xmas.

Ingame Enhancement 0

I think I knitted a sweater for a homeless dog this night.

Overall 5/10

Rogue always brews good stuff. This is no exception.

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