Monday, May 18, 2009

Rolling Rock Light

Rolling Rock Light (a.k.a. Flat, piss beer)

Ratebeer 1.65 3rd percentile
Beer Advocate D

Taste -2

The nose actually reminded me of dilute urine, wet hair and a frat party. It tasted vaguely of honey and wheat. I actually thought that I had grabbed my 5 year olds apple juice by mistake. Why am I tasting peanut butter? I should have stuck with the apple juice.

Aftertaste 0

I'm glad there was none.
Alcohol Content -1 3.6%

I think there was more alcohol in the stir-fry at lunch.

Value -1

This is what they served during the managers reception at the hotel we stayed in. If you factor in the $180 per night room charge, we got rocked.

Ingame Enhancement 0

I think this beer made quite a splash in the plant I dumped it in.

Overall -4/10 Do we have a foghorn sound anywhere?

I'm glad the manager was not there; I would have poured this beer down his pants.


Greg said...

holy shit! I thought I was the only one! I totally taste peanut butter when drinking this swill.... everytime I drink it, it's peanut butter. if you want to really taste it drink it warm... ugh

Unknown said...

It goes great with jam..

Anonymous said...

Yea i taste the PB

Rob Ticho said...

I googled rolling rock peanut butter and found your page. Totally peanut butter taste.

Unknown said...

Thanks for commenting Rob. Many people have mentioned the PB taste. Perhaps due to pasteurization?

Zach said...

I also came here to make sure I wasnt crazy... it does taste like peanuts or peanut butter!?!