Sunday, May 17, 2009

Scaldis Noel Premium

Scaldis Noel Premium

Ratebeer 3.68 94th percentile
Beer Advocate A

Taste +4

Anything with a winter wonderland scene on the label should be strong and sweet. The nose is right on the money, cherry malt, yeast and bread sweetness. The alcohol is right up front in the nose. The taste hits you straight away with the alcohol tingle. This is quickly followed with plums and maraschino cherries. There is also a mild spice and yeasty component to this brew. As the beer warms up and the yeast settles, the flavours turn a little bitter and chewier. There are tons of floaties.

Aftertaste +1

The taste fades quicker than expected. The alcohol tingle warms you all the way down and only accentuates the cherry flavours.

Alcohol Content +1 13%

This is the strongest beer so far; you can sure taste the alcehol.

Value -1
This 750ml bottle costs $19.99US! For $20 I was expecting miracles.

Ingame Enhancement 0

Nope, nothing. I sat in the hotel room and watched my father watch the brier over the internet. At least with a 13% beer I was numb to the pain.

Overall 5/10

This is a special occasion beer. Perhaps a wedding gift or after a funeral. That is only if you get a big inheritance. There are better big belgians for the money; you could buy 2 Brother Thelonius or 5 Chimays.

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