Sunday, August 9, 2009

Kozlak Amber and re-branding the beer belly

Flavius: Meterman is not here, so I shall go ahead and re-brand the blog. I will focus on the health aspects of beer drinking. After reading the book Problogger, I plan to specialize my blog and make a six figure income.
Meterman: I figure you will make six bucks.
F: I will never let you ruin my dreams again...
M: ..with the voice of reason.
F: Whatever. Apparently binge drinking, but not so much regular consumption of alcoholic beverages, is associated with a greater hip-waist ratio (WHR). A bigger hip-waist is considered to be the classic beer belly. In a recent study, over 28,000 people from the former Soviet republic were surveyed about their drinking habits. It was found that regular drinkers of beer or spirits (but not wine) had a slightly bigger WHR but not necessarily a larger body mass index (overall body size). This effect was thought to be slight and not very significant. What was significant was those people who reported binge drinking at least once a month, generally had a greater WHR that those that did not binge drink.
M: So binge drinking, not regular moderation, can make you plump.
F: Looks like. Binge drink is defined as consuming more than 80g of ethanol at one sitting. That is about a six-pack of regular beer (5%ABV).
M: It could also be two and a half Rochefort 10's.
F: Really only two..oppps

Kozlak Amber

Ratebeer 3.04 48th percentile
Beer Advocate B

Taste +4
I like a good bock, as long as it is not too sweet. The aroma is very sweet with lots of roasted caramel, smoke and cherry wood. This is a very sweet beer; lots of creamy toffee, roasted nuts, smoke and brown sugar. I'm sure there are hops there somewhere, but where?

Aftertaste +1
The wash is very sweet and the lingering of roasted caramel and toffee fades quickly.

Alcohol Content +1 6.5%

It is not noticeable through the sweetness.

Value +1

A very unique taste and I would certainly get it again.

Ingame Enhancement +1

Just sat in our Seattle hotel room and drank good beer after good beer after good beer...
Overall 8/10

For those who like there beers a little sweet and strong, look no further.

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