Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Black Butte Porter

Black Butte Porter (Deschutes)

Ratebeer 3.65 93rd percentile
Beer Advocate A-

Taste +5

This is a porter through and through; you can tell by the nose. It is smoky with roasted grains; like burnt whole wheat toast with coffee spilled on it, yet a little sweet. Over the lips.. nice medium body and oddly creamy. The tastes of roasted coffee, toast, toffee spread everywhere. These flavours are not overpowering and have a backbone of roasted malt sweetness.

Aftertaste +2

There is a long lingering of palate cleansing, roasted grains and burnt sugar. It does not coat but slightly dries out the mouth.

Alcohol Content 0 5.2%

Value +1

This is one of the greatest porters I have ever tasted.

Ingame Enhancement +1

Tonight was an epic L4D night; I completely owned Shifty during a versus round. Not really, I was in Seattle watching TV in the hotel room. I though the beer's score needed the extra point

Overall 9/10

If you like porter, you will like this one. It is safe to say than anything made my Deschutes is a great beer.

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Anonymous said...

I want to quote your post in my blog. It can?
And you et an account on Twitter?

Matt said...

Just got back from a road trip to Portland, where I found Black Butte Porter on sale at Safeway for just under $6 for a 6-pack. Needless to say, 24 of them followed me home (and another half dozen didn't make it out of the hotel room). Makes me cry that we pay so much for beer in Canada.. good job I can drown my sorrows in porterly goodness.

Unknown said...

I hear ya. Nice find $6 for a six pack of Black Butte! Taxation has its downside.

Anonymous said...

My favorite by far! When I drove by Black Butte it was like seeing an old friend.