Sunday, August 15, 2010

Winter Gale (Canoe Club)

Winter Gale (Canoe Club)
Winter Warmer

Ratebeer 3.31 65th percentile
Beer Advocate C+

Taste +4

The taste can be described as big and complicated. It was very malt assertive with toffee, caramel and lightly spiced. That was just the nose. The full mouthfeel gave a big wallop of plum, bourbon, mulled spiced, candied sugar and alcohol burn.
Aftertaste +2

There was a long lingering of dark fruits and alcohol. The hop content was minimal.

Alcohol Content +1 8%
Value +1

This is one Canoe Club beer I might pick up and store for a year or two.

Ingame Enhancement +1

Ok, I admit this is just being used to bump the score up. It was a pretty good beer.

Overall 9/10

Cheers to Canoe for brewing a great winter warmer. It was a very sweet, complex and rich brew.

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