Sunday, August 22, 2010

Torpedo Extra IPA (Sierra Nevada)

Torpedo Extra IPA (Sierra Nevada)

Ratebeer 3.75 98th percentile
Beer Advocate A-

The torpedo is a magical dryhopping device.
From SN website "The device essentially works like an espresso machine. A stainless filter basket is packed full of whole cone hops loaded into the vessel and sealed against pressure. The device is then placed in the fermentation cellars ...The flow of beer out of the tanks, into the Torpedo and back into the fermenter can be controlled to extract different levels of flavor, aroma and bitterness. " The Torpedo IPA is also one of the few beers to use the Citra variety of hops.

Taste +4

The nose is oddly faint but a light citrus and pine does emerge. It pours a deep amber/garnet with little head retention which is not surprising because there is little carbonation. Like any good IPA there is sweet citrus, pine with a slight astringency. It is really not that bitter. The hops range from sweet tangerine to a mild cotton candy. You can barely make out the bready and toffee malts.

Aftertaste +2

There is a slight warm coating left on the tongue with a good dash of citrus, pine with a bit of herbal.

Alcohol Content +1 7.2%

Value +1

Hop Head Approved.

Ingame Enhancement +1

Still in Seattle sampling beers. I accidentally bought this one in Victoria recently. It was as good as I remembered it.
Overall 9/10

Torpedo is a big IPA. Everything is there: the tangerine citrus, cotton candy, pine and barely enough toffee malts to hold it together.

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